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How to catch carp with sweetcorn

One of the best carp baits is sweetcorn. As part of our series on the best carp baits, this video explains exactly how to catch carp with sweetcorn. We discuss: How to prepare sweetcorn for carp fishing? What rigs to use with sweet corn? How to chum with sweet corn? The advantages of using sweet corn as carp bait and the down sides to using sweet corn. Everything you need to know about fishing for carp with sweetcorn.


Nashbait has been catching carp and breaking records for over 30 years. Find out from Kevin Nash and Gary Bayes how the bait has evolved over the last three decades, how Nashbait is bringing incredible success to anglers now, and what is in store for the future in this in depth insight into all things Nashbait. Its more than just carp food!

Spooking off the rig underwater carp fishing

Here we have a clear spot near the inlet to the lake. It’s right next to a snag were the fish like to hold up, the snag is just to the right of the shot. I was learning how to lure fish from snags when I noticed this. Watch how the fish continually spook off the rig. They know something is wrong. They become aware of something but I dont think it’s the hookbait. What do you see?